Fantasy Rules

Picking your squad

You, the Fantasy Football Manager will pick your starting 11 players, from your 15 man squad, every gameweek. If you don’t make any changes, the same team and captain you picked for your previous gameweek will be used. The deadline for making changes is roughly 2 hours before the kick off of the first fixture that gameweek. You can see this in app. When the window for one gameweek closes, the window for the next gameweek is open.

Managers have 1 free transfer they can make every gameweek. Every transfer after that will cost you a 4 point penalty. For example, If you make 3 transfers, it will cost you an 8 points transfer penalisation – 1st transfer is free, and next 2 transfers cost 4 points each. This will be deducted from your total at the end of that gameweek. For example, if you scored 50 points at the end of the gameweek, your adjusted total will be 42 (50 – 8).

Your starting 11 must consist of:

  • Exactly 1 goalkeeper
  • At least 3 defenders
  • At least 2 midfielders
  • At least 1 attackers

You must nominate one of your starting 11 as your captain, and one as your vice captain.

Captain and Vice Captain

The player you nominate as captain will earn you double points for that gameweek. If your captain does not play then your vice captain will score double points. If your vice captain doesn’t play then no player will benefit from double points.

If a player ends with negative points, they will also be doubled. So if your captain ends on -2, they will end up with -4 points.


Leagues tables will be calculated when the last fixture of a gameweek has finished.

Point system

TypeParticularsApplies toPoints
ParticipationPlays at least 65 minsAll players+ 2
Plays less than 65 minsAll players+ 1
CleansheetPlays at least 65 minsDef & GK+ 4
Plays less than 65 minsDef & GK+ 2
Goal scoredAll players+ 5
Goal concededApplies for each goal conceded, if more than 2 goals concededDef & GK– 1
Goal assistAll players+ 3
Own GoalAll players– 2
Yellow CardAll players– 1
Red CardAll players– 2
Penalty MissAll players– 2
Penalty SaveGK only+ 3


Players will be rewarded 2 points for playing at least 65 minutes. Anything less they will be rewarded 1 point.


Goalkeepers and Defenders who play for at least 65 minutes will be rewarded 4 points for keeping a clean sheet. Players who play for less will be rewarded 2 points.

Goal scored

Players will be rewarded 5 points for each goal they score, regardless of how many minutes they play.

Goal conceded

Goalkeeper and Defenders will be deducted 1 point for each goal they concede after the first 2 goals. For example, if a team conceded 3 goals, every player for that team will be deducted 1 points.

Goal assist

Players will be rewarded 3 points for each goal they assist.

Own Goal

Players will be deducted 2 points for each own goal they score.

Yellow Card

Players will be deducted 1 point for a yellow card. 2 yellow cards will be treated as a red.

Red Card

Players will be deducted 2 points for a red card. A red card replaces a yellow card penalty.

Penalty Miss

Players will be deducted 2 points if they miss a penalty.

Penalty Save

Goalkeepers will be awarded 3 points if they save a penalty.